About dlse Consulting LLC.

dlse Consulting was started in 2010. The people of dlse Consulting have years of experience in commercial litigation, specifically wage and hour class action litigation.

dlse Consulting provides superior service and more efficient solutions to clients at comparably lower rates. We accomplish this by managing overhead costs and utilizing skill-specific engagement teams.

dlse Consulting's seasoned consultants have spent years guiding clients through some of the most complex wage and hour litigation. Our tailored strategies are supported by our deep industry experience and our expertise in data assimilation and standardization, quantitative analytics, economic modeling, and mediation assistance.

dlse Consulting's billing rates are competitive with rates at larger consulting firms for similar services. Our administrative structure minimizes overhead and operating costs, resulting in savings we pass on to clients. Rather than maximizing billable hours of staff, we tailor engagement teams around each client's needs and maintain the flexibility to make immediate adjustments according to changing project needs and budgetary considerations.

dlse Consulting's focused and lean management structure allows senior practitioners the time and flexibility to provide personal attention and input to each client engagement, rather than spending time on internal firm administration and other non-client matters.

dlse Consulting's depth and breadth of experience allow us to provide clients with innovative thinking and cutting-edge solutions to wage and hour class action litigation. We are not wed to particular solutions or outcomes, and our work is client-driven -- our success is based solely on our clients' success.

dlse Consulting has developed a business network of independent experts across the country in order to provide our clients with access to the best resources and specialized expertise to meet their needs as they arise.